A message from Shantay N. Bolton

Hello to my colleagues, fellow change agents, and constructive disrupters, 

showing a portrait of shantay bolton
Shantay N. Bolton, PhD, MBA, ODCP, CEC
Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration and Chief Administrative Officer

I am so grateful to all who have welcomed me into the institution since beginning my role as WashU’s executive vice chancellor and chief administrative officer. I am so excited to set forth on a new chapter of possibilities in our pursuit of excellence without exception.  

There are new leaders and a sea of change that will drive effective, efficient and exceptional decision-making to enhance our missions. 

Operational excellence requires intentional collaboration, fiscal stewardship, attracting and retaining a strong, capable workforce, a consistent and exceptional customer focus, and the need for all of us to embrace change.  

I have a passion for social change and strategic work that transforms organizations and people. Our staff are critical to our success – I am committed to developing strong leaders and creating a space for unlocking and accelerating talent at the institution.  

I have the absolute privilege of working with an exceptional group of servant leaders on my administration team. I believe in the collective power of people who dare greatly to achieve the unexpected and look forward to working with each of you to realize excellence without exception.

I am so excited to be at WashU as a returning member of the St. Louis community as we focus on a transformational path forward.

In alignment with the university’s strategic plan, my teams in the administrative areas will be fiercely focused on our four strategic priorities: fostering a culture of talent management, cultivating leadership development and operational effectiveness, advancing sustainability, and enabling economically impactful supplier diversity. These core goals are intentionally focused on strengthening the employee experience and the operations of the institution in support of our missions. I am excited to see us realize these goals and I look forward to doing this work together

Shantay N. Bolton
Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration and Chief Administrative Officer

Dr. Bolton delivers the Jennings High School Commencement Keynote Address to the Class of 2022