The Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration and Chief Administrative Officer aims to foster community and cultivate an environment where all can thrive and realize the missions of the institution.

Staff Day activities 2019

Our mission

To create, support and maintain an environment where all who experience WashU can thrive.

Our values


We listen intently with curiosity, celebrate milestones, recognize contributions, and can learn from each other while extending compassion and empathy.


We commit to steward an inclusive environment in which diverse opinions and beliefs are a part of and enrich our professional, student and personal experiences.


We are responsible to fulfill our commitments to colleagues and clients with a clear understanding of the urgency and responsibility inherent in those commitments.


We will treat everyone with uncompromising and unwavering deserved respect, civility and fairness.


We work as a team and share knowledge for continuous improvement personally and professionally with a commitment to lifelong learning.


We speak honestly to others by explaining how we feel and what we are thinking, disclose information, ask questions, provide and ask for feedback in a genuine manner.