The Coaching Program is designed to help individuals generate discussion and aid in developing their team members (and others). This program will be an integral part of both fall cohorts. You will have the opportunity to receive coach training from an executive coach who is certified by the International Coaching Foundation. By being part of this, you will get real-time and real-life coaching as you work with the participants to help them grow as leaders.

Projected monthly breakdown/time commitment

  • Initial Training Sessions: There are two two-day sessions to provide the basics of coaching. Projected training dates are June 15 and 16 and July 17 and 18. *Dates subject to change.
  • After the second two-day session, there will be weekly training sessions (two hours) to practice and hone your craft. Projected weekly training sessions begin the week of July 31.
  • If selected as a coach for ELP or LEAD, you will also be responsible to coach a small team once a month for another one to two hours.

Projected application/selection process timeline

  • Application window: April 6–May 15
  • Selection announcement: June 6
  • First session: June 15

Program Eligibility

  1. Employee must be in current position for at least one year at the time of application.
  2. Employee must be in good standing, meaning maintain an acceptable level of performance including but not limited to absence of corrective action in the last one year and/or resolution of previous corrective action.