The CAO Division is excited to announce the Washington University Institute for Leadership Excellence. 

The institute will implement a sustainable structure to support ongoing development of leadership competencies that prepare employees for management and leadership roles within the institution and promotes a philosophy of an inclusive growth mindset. 

Our Definition of Leadership
At Washington University, we take an expansive view of leading and leadership. Leadership is about the positive impact a person seeks to effect with individuals, on a team, in the workplace, at the community level, and more. Leading involves working with others in the pursuit of shared goals. With this conceptualization, you have likely performed small (or large) acts of leadership many times.

Cohort Programs

Emerging Leaders

This cohort is a strategic and professional development opportunity for high-performing WashU employees who are interested in improving their leadership abilities to further their careers.

Leadership Excellence Development

Program Goals: 

  1. Provide the next generation of leaders the skills and understanding necessary to contribute to business management and leadership at the highest level. 
  2. Expose our organization to high potential employees and build networks that extend beyond their respective departments. 
  3. Increase engagement of high potential employees.
  4. Take on leadership role and promote involvement and inclusion in the broader university community. 

Selection for both nine month programs will begin in April.

Leadership Excellence Accelerator

This mini cohort will be composed of an invited group of university leaders who help test the content offered, learn new skills and offer feedback, while also helping to adapt the content to meet WashU’s needs.

This program begins March 1, 2023.

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